Fellowship Grant Agreement

Beneficiary/employer: Any participating organisation that signs the grant agreement with the REA is considered a “beneficiary”. Each beneficiary receives funds directly from the project budget and recruits and hosts researchers as part of the project. ICFO offers PhD scholarships to the Institute with a large number of funding mechanisms. Many scholarships are funded by competitive grants awarded to IICFO as a whole or to its research groups. These include scholarships funded by international or national institutions, but also scholarships and competitive research contracts. Information on research topics and positions within certain research groups is available on the group`s research pages. This document complements the general information package for Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellows with information on the conditions of appointment and remuneration, in particular for those who receive an MSCA fellowship as part of an Innovative Training Network (ITN). The printed offers in italics come from the model ICT grant agreement. Below you will find the competitive scholarship programs currently underway at ICFO: below you will find a summary of the competitive scholarship programs offered under this call for tenders: a rolling call with regular deadlines is always open to scholarships to obtain a PhD in an appropriate group of IICFO and some specific scholarships are announced by targeted calls for tenders. Applicants who apply for the latter will also be considered for all other scholarships for which they are eligible. The ICFO International PhD Fellowship program awards positions according to a standardized authorization procedure strictly applied to any phD fantasy position.

The general conditions of admission, the application and selection procedures as well as the conditions apply to all positions. All applications received for the call for tenders for the ICFO International PhD Program are automatically considered for the scholarship programs for which they are eligible. . Partner organisations: these are institutions linked to your project to offer training and secondment opportunities, but are not full beneficiaries. They will therefore not hire researchers themselves, but will offer their expertise and, in some cases, specific infrastructures. The names of all the partner organisations in your project, But there are other EU-funded possibilities that might interest you at the end of your project: the original EU PDF version of the document with additional nodes and references, here you will find the ITNs are international research and training networks at competitive prices, multi-protected, offering postgraduate training in specific scientific and interdisciplinary fields. They bring together networks of research organisations, both academic and non-academic, for a joint research and training programme, to strengthen the career prospects of young scientists and support entrepreneurship, with an increase in unit costs: this relates to the fixed amounts paid for the implementation of the project. These costs are based on units, with one unit being one month of people implemented…

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