Enterprise Agreement Anniversary

Since the advent of microsoft online services` commercial offering, which began in 2008 with business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), one of the benefits marketed by the software giant has been to improve the way customers could pay for the service. This was a move away from the traditional annual prices used by Microsoft`s volume licensing program, Software Assurance, and to a more “flexible” monthly pricing that would allow customers to adjust the amount they pay based on the number of users over the term of the license agreement, which is typically 36 months. (ii) additional products. Unfortunately, CSP is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses and its prices are negotiated by Microsoft`s reseller community, which means that customers are limited in their ability to negotiate prices and cannot negotiate commercial terms. In addition, it represents administrative complications related to more than one license agreement to cover a company`s license inventory. All corresponding billing and license adjustments will be made on the anniversary occasion, although you can place a manual order at the time of transition, if you wish. If the transition is equivalent, the annual payment applies only to the following year. Online bookings are the method used to add incremental users for online products, with the requirement that orders must be submitted monthly (to enable incremental users inside the Microsoft portal). Under this method, payment is deferred until the next anniversary of the contract. Note that Microsoft does not allow license reservations to be added in the last month of the agreement. While most customers know how many users they need in the last month (and request a new booking in the penultimate month of registration), very large customers sometimes expect extensive negotiations that can go beyond the expiration date of the agreement. In particular, you need to inventory the new hardware and software made available since the anniversary of the year to meet your business needs.

You should then send one of the following information to Microsoft: If you think this might be the case for your organization (this is not unusual), it is important to make a reservation in the penultimate month to cover your fulfillment rate for the last month and possibly the first month of the renewal agreement. Granted, you only pay until the end of the current registration term, but you have the advantage that you can add those incremental users in the last month of registration to flood you for the last month and – perhaps – the 1st month of the extension period while you are still negotiating your renewal agreement…

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