Draft Agreement To Sale Of Flat

———— of Part 2 and after Party 2 has paid/paid the full balance, Party 2 is not obliged to perform any other act, with the exception of this one when transferred by Party 1, since that Part 2 is empowered to have the act of transmission enforced by Party 1 or, if it is allowed at any time, and the limitation period is not applicable in the transaction. 1. That the total amount and the total amount of the counter-sale sale of Rs.——————- of the dwelling of part No. 1 was received by Part No. 2, with separate proof according to the details indicated: Banker`s check No—————— Dated ————— issued in the name of Party No. 1 and is drawn on ———————————————— – and after receipt of the aforementioned amount, Part 1 admits that nothing remains due to Party No. 2. all taxes and legal charges are imposed by Part No. 2 including stamp duty on the registration of the act of transmission. . .


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