Content Contribution Agreement

1. What is an exclusive license agreement? With an exclusive license, you retain the copyright. Your contribution is credited as the author(s) ©, but you authorize the control of all rights exclusively on SAGE or, where applicable, on a company or other proprietary publishing partner. This means that all licensing requirements, including SAGE permissions, are managed. The provider represents and warrants that as a contributor and true author of the published content, you have the right to grant these rights; the contributions are original; they do not knowingly contain false statements, infringe on a right to privacy, infringe legal or customary copyrights or infringe the rights of third parties; and that all statements contained in the articles that are alleged as facts are true and/or based on reasonable research for accuracy. Thinkific may transfer these rights to third parties in the event of a sale. Since the release of the first version in 2002, the world of information technology has changed and the FLA has been reviewed and revised by a group of international IT and IP experts, the last of which was in October 2017 to join the team behind As a result of the discussions and revisions, the new FLA 2.0 can now be generated directly through the distributor. Alternatively, the issuer of the agreement continues to offer to create its own participation agreement, including a copyright license or a non-exclusive patent seizure option. 11. Additional Terms for Application Providers.

Application providers may provide learning software for purchase or access by users of the site. To do this, application owners must have a THM account and meet the contributors` requirements in this agreement. Software application contributors must specify the method by which users can access the application and the duration (if any) for which they can access and use the applications. THM assumes no responsibility for the operation, availability or content of an application and the provider acknowledges and accepts that the provider will comply with all payment terms agreed by THM with a user, including the conditions set out in point 6.2 that apply to refunds for app purchases. The supplier must provide adequate support, maintenance and security for all data transmitted to and from the provider`s application, including appropriate organizational and technical security measures and a privacy policy in accordance with current legislation to cover the collection, use, storage and disclosure of user data, the conditions that THM has on the website for users, are in no way less protective than the conditions that THM has on the site. 2. Why does SAGE need an exclusive license agreement? We strive to make your contribution accessible to the widest possible readership. An exclusive license helps us ensure adequate protection against infringement of copyrighted material through copyright infringement or piracy anywhere in the world. It also ensures that requests from third parties to reproduce or reproduce a contribution in any format are dealt with effectively in accordance with the general policy that promotes the dissemination of knowledge within the framework of copyright. 6.3 Restrictions on participation in turnover: if, under an agreement or arrangement with a third party, it is prohibited or restricted for the supplier to obtain a share in the turnover of the supplier`s products in accordance with the provisions of this section 6.1, the supplier must inform THM of the establishment of its account or as soon as possible. . .


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