Air New Zealand Interline Agreement

During its brief existence as a stand-alone company, Newmans Air entered into an interline agreement with Waterwings Airways, headquartered in Te Anau, for the transfer of passengers to Queenstown. Waterwings Airways was founded three years earlier after taking over Mount Cook Airlines` loss-making Te Anau seaplane service. [6] This line continued after the acquisition of Ansett. If you have an Air New Zealand flight connected to another Air New Zealand flight or to a company with which we have an agreement, your baggage will be marked to arrive at your final destination. However, in some countries, such as the United States, you still need to collect your luggage, go through customs and check it again at a transfer or check-in counter. Outside of America, where it`s still mandatory, the only way to know safely is to ask at the counter when you check in at the airport. You won`t publish interline`s partners on their site, but any travel agency platform can tell you, Expert Flyer is one of those that are free for the first 5 days, then $99 per year and it`s worth it. An interline agreement does not mean that separate non-alliance airlines transfer baggage on two separate tickets. I would be very, very surprised if Virgin America did that or if its parent company allowed It to Air New Zealand also has codeshare and air-sharing agreements with select airlines. Airpoint dollars can be used to travel on these flights if they are booked with an Air New Zealand flight number (for example. B NZ4010). Current earnings can be viewed in the Flights section of partner airlines of the Airpoints computer.

Status points cannot be collected on these flights. Lounge access is available in certain circumstances, but no other airpoints benefits are available on these flights. Just out of interest – can I ask where you found this information? I physically checked the Air NZ website and asked for “interline” in its search field. All that was returned was 4 results – the most descriptive was their “cooperation partners” (read code sharing). The other results were (history – Eagle Airways), international cargo (air freight) and luggage (free luggage broken down by region). Air New Zealand has entered into strategic alliance agreements with select airlines that offer Airpoints members™ the opportunity to collect and redeem airpoint dollars, collect status points on selected flights and, in certain circumstances, enjoy frequent flight benefits for both airlines. . .


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