Roommate Agreement Nyc

“If the roommate doesn`t come in and you come late with the rent,” says Portman, “you`ll have to cover for your roommate.” Address/locals: Address/local Tenants: Tenants Colocs: ColocsLocations: Landlords: Local accommodation to be occupied by roommates: Space to be occupied by roommates Date of sustainability/duration of occupancy by roommate: month/day/year to month/day/year Colocs: $dollar amount p/month, includes heat, hot/cold water, electricity, wireless broadband internet access, access/use of all living spaces (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) and appliances, pots/pots, TV, stereo, etc. Payment due at the beginning of the occupation: 1 month of rental and 1 month down payment (amount $dollar, Total). Bail is levied if the roommate causes damage or disfigured renovations or last month`s rent. The rent of the roommates is paid by cheque or in cash until the 1st of each month. The roommates and tenants keep the apartment quite clean. Dishes, dishes, pans, etc. are not left in the sink or elsewhere after meals. Objects/clothes are not left on furniture or on the floor. The walls, furniture, carpets, etc., will be kept in the approximate condition in which they are at the beginning of this agreement. Vacuuming, floor cleaning, window benches, bathroom and kitchen, etc., are shared and/or a cleaning service is contracted and paid for jointly. Tenants and roommates agree that a decision can be made to end the roommate`s occupancy at any time, but that it will take at least one month`s notice to the other party.

Such a decision to end the occupation requires no justification or either side and, after the eviction of the premises by the Roommate, will renounce the commitment of one of the parties to this agreement. Accepted by Signing LeaseHolders Month/Day/Year Roommates Signature Date Month/Day/Year Appendix: Copy of State Roommate I.D. or Passport “These agreements on things like housekeeping are legally unenforceable,” says Ms. Portman. But the rent conditions are. “You could take this written agreement signed in the small claims court and say, “Look, this is our contract.”” This section must include the amount of rent for which the new tenant is responsible.

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