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The research profile of the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg (OvGU) is defined by centres of excellence in neuroscience in various disciplines (faculty of medicine, science, dynamic systems: mathematics, procedural techniques and systems). The clear emphasis on neuroscience on OVGU is reflected in the multitude of interdisciplinary research groups, the excellent infrastructure. B of the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI), the Center for Behavioural and Brain Sciences (CBBS) as the centre of competence of the State of Saxony-Anhalt and the close collaboration with the Leibniz-Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg. The Department of Child and Juvenile Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (direction: Prof. Dr. Hans-Henning Flechtner) has been a member since 2004 of several neuroscientific cooperation centres and clinical research units and is closely linked to a large number of neuroscientific groups in Magdeburg. The Child Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Department provides 35 beds for hospitalization and 30 beds for day care. The ambulance is attended by approximately 1200 patients per year and offers specialized neurocognitive treatments for ADHD (neurofeedback). As a result, the department`s research department is dedicated to identifying factors that facilitate the learning and attention of children and adolescents with ADHD and the study of the neural correlates that accompany it on EEG and MRI. No, you don`t. The language of instruction and supervision of impRS ProEng is English. Therefore, knowledge of German is not mandatory.

Learning German is very useful for your general integration in Germany. We offer free German courses at the Max Planck Institute. We do not offer scholarships. All our PhD students receive a standard employment contract (OVGU) or a support contract (MPI) with payment and benefits according to a public collective agreement (TVL or TV-D). His salary is based on TVL/TV-D E13 75%, which means that after taxes and social security contributions, the average starting salary is about 1,800 euros per month. More information. Once you have been selected by your home institution for the program, the institution must inform us of your appointment for an exchange place at magdeburg University. They are contacted and informed of the application process. PROMOS 2021 | PDF (dt.) PROMOS Stay Confirmation | PDF (eng.) | PROMOS REPORT DOC (dt.) DAAD`s opinion on general security abroad | PDF (dt.) OvGU`s Child Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Department coordinates Work Program 4 (management of the work package and clinical trial 3 on the safety and efficacy of Anodal-TDCS on the right of IFG in ADHD patients). In addition, the department contributes to other clinical studies in record 4 (clinical trials 2 and 4).

He recruits and studies 50 patients with ADHD from clinical trials 2-3 and 18 patients with ADHD for Study 4. Finally, it also contributes to the work package 10 (broadcasting, use and communication). Go East Checklist: | for FHW PDF-| students (dt.) GO EAST Checklist: | for FWW PDF-| students (dt.) More information, such as student life in Magdeburg and all of the university`s exchange programs, can be found in our Exchange Student Guide. I have a great idea for a research project that I would like to pursue. Can I submit my own proposal as part of my application? In return, the salary as a foreign language assistant can be combined with an erasmus. 1) If you are going abroad for more than 6 months, you do not need a leave of absence. Who should I list as references in my application? Before applying online ERASMUS, please read our comments on the ERASMUS application. Databases or commercial intermediaries have a room for you.

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