Delta Agreement

In September, Delta tentatively agreed with the bargaining committee of its pilots` union to reduce the number of Furloughs by 220, bringing the new total number of job cuts to 1,721. The language of the treaty has not yet been determined. Once this is the case, it becomes an interim agreement, which will be reviewed by the union leadership and put to a vote by the approximately 14,000 Delta pilots. Delta announced that it would delay the Furloughs` entry into force until November 28 to give pilots time to vote on the agreement. In the airline`s third-quarter phone call earlier this month, Chairman Ed Bastian said the airline had reached agreements with most working groups and was still negotiating with the pilots` union to avoid Furloughs in the task force. Delta reported a loss of $5.4 billion for the quarter ended September 30. The pilot agreement contains in principle the provision that, if a federal law is approved under the same conditions as the original stimulus agreement, the agreement is suspended. The airline`s 13,000 cockpit crews, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), must now vote on the interim agreement that would prevent 1,941 of them from losing their jobs after U.S. airline aid ended earlier this month.

“While this agreement is still subject to authorisation… We are convinced that this can help Delta to be better positioned thanks to the long and hacked recovery of the Covid 19 pandemic,” he adds. Delta Senior Vice President John Laughter said in a memo to pilots Thursday night that the agreement allowed Delta to “generate urgent savings by avoiding Furloughs.” Laugh now says the agreement contains “several improvements in quality of life and allows Delta to generate much-needed savings,” without going into detail. Delta MEC, a unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, said the agreement – which still requires the approval of Delta`s nearly 13,000 pilots – will reduce the guaranteed monthly minimum hours by 5%. Delta Air Lines` pilots` union said it had agreed on the company`s principle to avoid Furloughs for more than a year. This agreement reduces the number of flying hours of individual pilots each month, reducing the number of hours on the pilot population. More young drivers give up more hours than those on the senior list, and higher drivers could have done the trick of another early exit program. Delta and the union representing their pilots said Wednesday that the cost-cutting agreement would prevent the more than 1,700 pilots initially planned by the company. Under the agreement, pilots who are reported to have been angry receive 30 hours a month in pay when they do not have to fly.

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