A Security Agreement May Provide

fraud-free and prior to notification of interest in crop safety, in accordance with Section 49. 3. The interest in security for original security has been complemented in a manner other than in a way described in the subsection (2): the interest of securities for products is an interest in continuous development but, at the end of a fortnight from the end of the security interest for the initial product warranty, it becomes imperfect, unless the safety interest in revenue is made by one of the methods and under Article 5 of the initial warranty. when a stockbroker holds securities assets or securities accounts held with the securities intermediary, he or she has priority over a conflicting securities interest held by another insured party. 16 Where a guarantee contract provides that an insured party can expedite the debtor`s payment or benefit if the insured party is uncertain or decides that the guarantee is threatened, the provision must be interpreted in the sense that the insured party has the right to expedite the payment or benefit only if the insured party has good faith , believes and has economically reasonable reason to believe that the prospect of payment or benefit is affected or that it is compromised or that guarantees are or will be threatened. (b) a creditor or a person holding a share of securities in the security securities whose interests are subordinated to that of the insured party (8) A prior security interest, which may be supplemented by the assumption of security by the party insured under this Act, is perfected for the purposes of this Act if the detention of the security is carried out in accordance with Section 24 , whether the detention is carried out before or after 1 October. , 1990 and although, under previous legislation, the security interest could not be complemented by the assumption of security. “investment property,” a security, whether certified or unsealed, security receivables, securities accounts, futures contracts or term accounts; 5. Any priority that has an advanced safety interest pursued for the product or mass under the subsection (1) by a complete safety interest in the product or mass is limited to the value of the goods at the time of their participation in the product or mass. 2. In order to determine the location of the debtor to determine the effect of the law on the effect of the development or non-development of a prior securities interest in respect of another interest in the same guarantees created before the entry into force, section 7, paragraph 1, of the previous statute determines whether the prior interest in securities on or after the applicable law comes into force is determined by the legislation. (a) when the parties to a guarantee agreement if the interest of security for goods in one country, if the interest for security is that the goods are kept in another jurisdiction, and (b) if all the security are consumer goods, the debtor, with a guarantor or compensation, may re-enforce the guarantee agreement with respect to the sums actually late without the exploitation of an acceleration clause in the contract and by healing another late payment if the insured party intends to divest the assets, it may enhance a security interest for a material asset by registration or holding, while an interest in an investment property or deposit account can be enhanced by registration or control.

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